Azure Stack HCI Learning Path – Pilot

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Recently I made a career switch and with that, here I am back to learning the alphabets! I mainly come from a software/application background and the new role I’ve landed myself into requires of me not only the application knowledge but also the relevant hardware understanding. What that means for me is going back to the basics, and learn about server hardware, storage devices, networking appliances, cabling, datacenter fundamentals and all that good stuff!

As I crawl myself through the heaps of documentation and blogs and videos, I was finding myself getting a bit lonely in these gloomy COVID times. And I’m quite sure many of you are sailing in the similar (but socially distant!) boats. So I thought – hey, why don’t we all hop into one large cruise instead and set sail on this journey together? 😉

Welcome aboard! This is the Azure Stack HCI Learning Tour and here we will go through our journey of learning Azure Stack HCI and hopefully at the end of it we will have reached our destination of becoming Azure Stack HCI captains!

In this journey, here’s all the chapters we are going to cover:

Part 1 – What is HCI?

Part 2 – Azure Arc

Part 3 – Storage Spaces Direct (S2D)

Part 4 – Clusters

Part 5 – Networking Overview (and SDN)

Alright, let’s get started!

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