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A Challenge to All SCOM Experts

If you’re just like me, a big fan of SCOM and open source projects on GitHub, then you are probably already involved in open source project. How about a new SCOM challenge?

Five months ago I published a project on GitHub– Monitor Applications Using SQL Queries. I challenged my counterparts to write a guide and/or maintain the code and/or develop new features.  For me, this project commitment is the result of some thinking about a way to help the community grow. I’d be more than glad if you join. The goal is to contribute to SCOM community as much as possible. Since I started the challenge I gained experience and knowledge that I want to share with you:

  1. Being Involved in open source project forces you to be creative.
  2. It helps you with your work/life balance since you need to build a new habit and not just a one-week challenge 🙂
  3. It’s rewarding to know that you help someone, especially given the importance of GitHub.

Having you aboard would be even more awesome for a few more reasons. First, it’s always great to make connections and work with people. Second, telling the world that you’re involved in a challenge is a great way to stay motivated. And finally, we can contribute to each other’s projects. The more we are the more there will be ways to make daily contributions

If you want to take part in the challenge, feel free to submit a Pull Request or an issue. I’ve also created a gitter channel so we can chat about cool ideas, projects, suggestions or whatever.

Monitor SQL Queries Management Pack, Then and Now

Two years ago one of my project managers came to me with a request for monitoring the project he is responsible for. The project services different complex applications. This request was unique because he wanted to make sure that none of the applications that use the service have a problem. So, I had one of two options: 1) to develop a management pack for each application. 2) to monitor the repository with an SQL query. You guessed right I have chosen the second option. At first, I created dedicated a Management Pack and after a while, we found this idea of monitoring an application by using an SQL query very useful.

I decided to create a template so it could be easier for my teammate and me to create such monitors.

This is how my new management pack was born.

This Management Pack doesn’t add monitors directly to SCOM, rather, it adds a new template to the Authoring tab of SCOM console so you can easily take any SQL query (Note: return value has to be a single numeric value) and use it as the basis for SCOM monitoring.

Now, you can monitor the behavior of your application such as the number of active users on your website or the number of minutes without any interaction on your application. You can configure it so that it would alert when the number dips are below or above a certain threshold. Moreover, the query result is collected as performance so you can use it for graphing and analyzing.

This Management Pack includes files; – it includes all the definitions and QueryOleDbMonitorTemplate.mpb – it includes the template definition. Import these two files to your SCOM environment.

The next chapter will be much more technical. I will explain how I develop template wizard in the Visual Studio IDE.